About Abigail, Hawai'i's Whale

"Ohana means family,

family means ohana."

So begins our story...

Written and authored by a team of Hawaiian creatives, Abigail, Hawai'i's Whale, follows young Apikaila (Abigail) as she faces her deepest fears and overcomes them with the power of ALOHA - and the help of her wise and loving Mámá!  Follow Apikaila’s harrowing journey and learn with her the true meaning of aloha!  

While Abigail the Whale is a wonderful book on its own - and the children in your life will LOVE it - our vision is bigger than even a mámá humpback!

This book was written to be used in classrooms sorely lacking in authentic Hawaiian voices and representations.  We wrote this book to meet a variety of educational standards so that teachers can use it as a resource to teach their students not only ELA, science, and language skills but also cultural values!

Abigail was primarily written for grades 1-3 classroom use but is just as good as a read-aloud or bedtime story!  

We hope that you’ll consider not only picking up a copy for a loved one in your life but that you’ll ALSO consider donating a copy to a Hawaiian classroom...or even an entire set to a school library...or maybe even an entire SCHOOL set's worth of copies!  

The options below represent the best way to pre-order Abigail and support this vision!   When you pre-order at ANY level, you’ll receive a digital copy of the story’s native Hawaiian translation sent digitally to you as a THANK YOU upon its completion!  Your pre-order is a tax-deductible donation!

NOTE: This is a PRE-order!  If you ordered a copy for yourself, we expect orders to begin shipping in February and will keep you up-to-date with more information!

PS. Our big dream is to get access to this story (and others) along with an entire suite of educational resources to EVERY elementary school in Hawai’i without teachers spending a dime!  Stay tuned for more information!