About Donate for Zada

Where do you go when you’ve lost everything? Zada, a sweet and innocent German Shepherd found herself wondering this after being left alone and cold in the middle of December. With nothing in her belly except for her soon to be puppies, Zada found herself hungry and afraid, not just for her own life, but her babies’ lives as well. She spent weeks alone and starving before eventually losing her puppies, most likely to malnutrition.
Now, she was truly alone.

Just as Zada was losing all hope, she was spotted by a good Samaritan who was driving her daily school bus route. Horrified not just of her physical condition, but seeing that she was eating rocks, potentially to stay alive, she knew Zada needed a hero. She immediately posted Zada’s photo on Facebook pleading for support. The community rallied together forming a team that was able to rescue her and get this precious girl to us, giving her the hope, she was losing.
When Zada arrived at our shelter, she was so grateful, taking as many treats from our hands as she could and thanking us with bushy tail wags and sloppy kisses. Even in her emaciated and fragile state, we were able to gently place a slip lead on her and walk with her into the shelter. Within minutes we discovered injuries, her left eye was completely discolored and severely damaged.
Zada has had to endure abandonment, extreme starvation, loss of her puppies, physical injuries, freezing temperatures, and complete and total loneliness.
And she is literally the sweetest dog you will ever meet.

One look at her condition and we knew Zada was lucky to be found when she was. This stroke of good fortune earned her the name Zada. She has been with us less than 48 hours, and while we honestly don’t know what her future holds,
we can only hope it is filled with more good fortune.

Zada and so many others need the support and love of people like YOU. Your donations literally make the difference between life and death for these
poor homeless dogs and cats.

Never doubt your impact or your power to save a life like Zada’s.