About 1954 Henny Packard Junior Ambulance Restoration

In 2020 a very generous donor acquired a 1954 Henny Packard Ambulance for The National EMS Museum. In addition to the vehicle, some original equipment was donated to accessorize the ambulance and further tell the story of early life-saving in the United States.  Unfortunately, when we got the ambulance to our mechanic the news was not as good as we had hoped.  The water pump, ignition and some lines are in bad shape and need replacing. As we dug further breaks and other undercarriage mechanics need to to be replaced and COVID-19 made finding the parts an exciting game of "needle in the haystack". Electrical needs a refresh and a good clean and fluid change is a must before we can hear the purr of the engine again.

Update - January 2022:  The basic mechanical restoration is complete - our Pack is humming and rolling down the lot at the mechanics!  We still have a lot of work to do to polish it up and we hope to start an endowment fund that will ensure funds are available for the ongoing maintenance of the Pack for the rest of its life.  Heck if we reach our $10,000 goal we'll have it parade ready and rolling into your town with a little bit of luck (and a good truck and trailer to get it there!)

If you are a classic car lover will you help us get this unique "work horse" back on the road and helping tell the story of early pre-hospital care in the United States?

Donations of $50 or more will make a huge impact on our project and we'll get the ambulance rolling in no time and you will receive permanent recognition when the Packard is on display at the museum or at one of the many events we hope to bring it to!