About Clean Up Penn Hills

Your donation to the Clean Up: Penn Hills fund will remove trash and debris from illegal dumpsites and restore greenspace in Penn Hills, Pennsylvania. Thanks to a donation from the Earth Volunteer Fund, we are starting our campaign with $3,000 in matching funds, so the impact of the first $3,000 in gifts will have double the impact!

Did you know that Penn Hills is the second-largest municipality in Allegheny County, after the city of Pittsburgh, with a population of approximately 42,000?
As part of the 2017 Allegheny CleanWays illegal dumpsite assessment, it was estimated that there are approximately 73.8 tons (147,600 pounds) of illegally discarded trash in Penn Hills. That's more than 3.5 pounds per resident, and the cost to clean up ALL of these dumpsites will be nearly $45,000.

Your donation today will help us get the cleanup started, one dumpsite at a time!