EMIY Empowerment Center
Capital Campaign

In 2018, there were 84,438 boys in the City of Detroit under 18 years old. 78% (65, 862) of them are Black/African American. 55% (46,441) of all boys in the City of Detroit are our primary targeted demographic ranging in age from 5-14. We can reach them! EMIY can provide the safe spaces and guidance they need to become compassionate, intelligent, and logical decision-makers while embracing their abilities to become the future leaders of encouragement and empowerment.

EMIY has served over 15,876 metro Detroit school-aged youth since 2007; 10,343 served were Boys representing 65% of youth impacted by EMIY Inc. Since our humble beginnings, we have raised over 1.5 million in product sales, in-kind services, contracts, donations and grants. EMIY is evolving from programs to a movement of prevention and intervention solutions; ultimately influencing the anchors that build healthy communities through the restoration of families. But it is still not enough! Our children; our boys need safe spaces. That space is the EMIY Empowerment Center, District One, City of Detroit.

The Children’s Defense Fund states that “Of the nearly 12 million children living in poverty, 73 percent are children of color.” Our children are our greatest investment but our systems are failing them. “Our schools have slipped backwards into deep and damaging patterns of racial and socioeconomic segregation, perpetuating achievement gaps. Children of color are targeted by a discriminatory school discipline and youth justice system that fuels a cradle-to prison pipeline.” These are not the safe spaces for our children to get the guidance and correction they need. We must take a step further to work in both prevention and intervention. We can impact our boys before they make decisions that will change the trajectory of their lives.

Our EMIY Empowerment Center (EEC), targeting the Brightmoor Community of Detroit, will serve as the anchor intervention platform for boys starting at age 3. Our signature program; EMIY Future Leaders has been housed in the Brightmoor Community (District One) since 2012. Serving up to 1,000 youth and families seeking positive outlets for their boys. EMIY has collaborated with several organizations including New St. Paul Church, Rosedale Park Baptist Church, Charles H. Wright, Smith Homes and special events at Stoeple Park. Our programs not only draw boys from the community but families from 3 additional counties (Oakland, Washtenaw and Macomb) seeking viable solutions and ways to support their matriculation. Key partnerships and resources will continue to flow through the EEC expanding community access to the families of boys preparing for the matriculation of manhood.

Your donations to the EMIY Empowerment Center (EEC) answers both call for action and the 2020 challenge by the Children’s Defense Fund to advocates, policymakers, parents and families, community and faith leaders, educators and all those who stand up for our children to use the information in [the State of America’s Children, 2020 ] report to push for America to make a different choice. We know that due to the lack of educational preparedness, available recreation, positive male modeling and mentorship, isolation and stress, mental health and other key factors that too many of our children, especially children of color are impacted in ways that we can support in key locations; like the EEC. According to the latest US Census data, in the State of Michigan Blacks and African Americans makeup only 13% of the state's population as a whole but account for 82% of Detroit's population.

The need is here and EMIY Empowerment Center is the Hub for solutions. Boys enrolled and impacted by EMIY Programs offer a minimum of 3:1 return on your investment. Every dollar you give to EMIY resonates in a sphere of influence that exponentially expands your value. The 3-Phase $5 million dollar new construction project targets EMIY Contributors and Champions on a next level Social Investment. 

3 Phase $5 million Dollar New Construction
Social Investment Capital Campaign

Community Direct Investment:                                     $1,000,000.
Community Contributions & Product Sales -

Services and Supplies:                                                        $2,000,000.
In-Kind Services and Donations of Building Supplies

Financial Resources:                                                             $3,000,000.
Grants, Donations, Endowments

Sustainability Plan & Annual Budget:                         $1,000,000.
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• Pledges
• Anchor organizations
• Special events
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