About Central Coast Heritage Tree Foundation

The Central Coast Heritage Tree Foundation is an education and action-based community organization created to preserve and restore our County's legacy and heritage oak trees. We need your help to manage our aging trees along with valley oak woodland and urban forest by utilizing preventive tree care, soil restoration, planting our own acorns, and educating our community through conversation and connection. Do you have a beautiful oak on your property? Do you wish you had one? Let us know! We have an adopt an oak program. Do you have acorns or need oak saplings? We raise local acorns to be giant heritage oaks for the next generation. Sign up for our newsletter to stay informed. 

"We could say that each species in nature should have a voice in the “democracy of species.” Species are not just materials or resources; they’re nations, collections of individuals. I say I live in Maple Nation. Someone else might live in Oak Nation. It’s important to recognize that there are these other nations of beings within the one we call the United States." Robin Wall Kimmerer