About Build The Lighthouse

New Mexico Dream Center is securing property and housing to use as a residential facility for minors who have been trafficked that we would call The Lighthouse. 

Why The Lighthouse? A lighthouse is a stronghold with a beacon at the top that is strategically positioned near treacherous shores to provide support through navigation so travelers can make safe decisions.  Similarly, the NMDC program, The Lighthouse, is a residential community to help young people who have survived the treacherous circumstances of human trafficking navigate their way into adulthood.  This multi-service group home combines the Teaching-Family Model elements of: (1) Self-determination, (2) Client advocacy, (3) Relationships, (4) Family-sensitive approach, (5) Diversity, with the 6 components of trauma informed care: (1) Safety, (2) Trustworthiness & transparency, (3) Peer support, (4) Collaboration & mutuality, (5) Empowerment & choice, (6) Cultural, historical & gender issues. To create a robust foundation for growth with the young people in this program.  The Lighthouse takes this multifaceted approach to the many hurdles that survivors of trafficking face to help ensure that those choosing to come to The Lighthouse truly see that they are resilient and have a future.