About Prison Yoga Dharma Library

DAYA Foundation is excited to announce that our Prison Yoga Dharma Library for Coffee Creek Correctional Facility is now available to the public too!! 

The 10 Yamas and 12 Niyamas are yoga's ethical precepts for living a life of dharma (wisdom, righteousness), seva (service), and karuna (compassion) was created as a course for our 200hr Yoga Alliance Registered Prison Yoga Teacher Training programs during the pandemic. In an unprecedented invitation from the Department of Corrections, we were uniquely authorized to provide this video training on Yoga Ethical Precepts: The Yamas + Niyamas for adults in custody.

Our prison yoga teacher training program for incarcerated men and women provides a 200-hour teacher training for adults in custody to become certified yoga teachers on the inside.  These resident yoga teachers then provide yoga and mindfulness classes for their inside community, specifically for those even more vulnerable than themselves: residents in the mental health, behavioral, and addiction treatment units within the prison.

We created this video content to not only facilitate the continuation of trainings in prisons but also to support our public yoga community to deepen their studies as well.

Your registration for this training includes a tax-deductible donation and supports the continuation of our Prison Yoga Outreach Programs.