About House of Hip-Hop

We've partnered with Detroit's scholars to provide active learning experiences that empower youth to connect, explore, and learn innovative skills. Based on their input, the youth demand a space to express themselves, engage in arts activities, and fellowship with scholars who share their hobbies. As a result, we are excited to partner with  the Kresge Foundation to produce 'House of Hip Hop' ­– performing arts, and cultural hub focused on heritage, music, dance, art, and development – as a form of healing and expression for youth. 

With Generator Z's vision leading the way, we see a creative space located in Detroit designed to provide access to all of the tools they need in one place. 'House of Hip-Hop' will provide music, dance, podcast, and photography studios, meditation rooms and co-working spaces, editing/design labs, and a stage for public performance. House of Hip-Hop is intergenerational, multi-cultural, inclusive, and challenges adverse behaviors and traditions within hip-hop communities. Simply put, 'House of Hip-Hop' will excite, entertain, educate, motivate, and heal diverse scholars in metro-Detroit using hip-hop culture while empowering them to lead!

We are humbled to have today's leaders guide what outreach looks like post-April 2020. We believe that one of the most powerful things to occur is for young people to take hold of their learning and life by exploration and participation. Therefore, 'House of Hip-Hop' will be a supportive space that is entirely project-based, game-based, and student-lead. Adults and coaches are simply guides and resources on the side, and students will be encouraged to drive their learning and create the outcomes they wish to see. 

It's also worth noting that this space is versatile, inspirational, colorful, youthful, "full of flavor," and is both an online and physical hub that screams creativity. We wish to create an engaging and equitable "hangout" spot for youth to "kick it" with their friends, heal, chill, vibe, work on various projects, and receive fem/mentorship for their present and future endeavors. 

The youth is up next! We are optimistic that 'House of Hip-Hop' will be sustainable and serve as an example of what's possible when youth have what they need to amplify their voice and create the outcomes they wish to see.