About Breitenbush Hot Springs Monthly Donations

Life is ever-unfolding.
Eras, seasons, lives, even moments... all of it... ever rising and dissolving.
At once, fragile and fleeting AND powerful and abiding. 
Within our reach. Beyond our control.
An intimacy held within an immensity.

People come and go.
We are all passing through this world in our life journeys,
yet there is a prevailing idea that outlives our individual lives.

A profound and shared sanity based on the dawning realization
that all human life shares the same genome and source ancestry.

And that we have a responsibility to properly steward the resources and environment of our planet.
We are here ultimately to generate love, and to purpose our lives creatively and collaboratively.
Drawing from the divine intelligence of nature and the dignity of the human body,
an evolution of consciousness is possible. 

This essential impulse of evolution through sanity, humility, and courage was the founding idea for Breitenbush.
It is fundamentally practical, and is what we have worked to create and to experience over the past 44 years since our founding.

We define our community as including all guests who have and will come to the land, the worker-owners who live and work and raise their children at the retreat center, our presenters and teachers, and all those whose lives our guests, worker-owners, and presenters will touch.
We have witnessed this potency for more than 4 decades.
We intend to continue our work based on this founding imperative to steward what is possible in evolution when people share a vision from sanity, humility and courage. We see the crucial timing of rebuilding and revisioning as intimately tied to the climate crisis that all of humanity and nature are facing together. 

To set this passionate purpose into motion, all of the help we receive from you and our extended community is gratefully received.