About Toree's Hope - Youth Sessions

Toree's Hope is in memory of Toree Crozier whose life ended at all too young of an age. A mom of three beautiful young children who was still haunted by some of the effects of early childhood trauma. For Toree this would play out in her struggle with her sense of value, often seeking attention and affirmation in ways that were anything but healthy. Like many she tried to escape the internal battles that waged.

When I met Toree she was full of hope. She has three children who were her motivation and her drivers to change and offer them a good life. 

Toree was so excited about the mission of Crossfire Ranch. She wanted to volunteer in any way she could and was also looking forward to bringing her kids to the ranch to help them grow well “from the inside out” as they have had their share of difficult circumstances to bear.

Her life desire was to offer Hope to those she encountered. Toree was full of stories of struggle, learning and victory over so many things. She wanted to share her story, to encourage others to hold on, because, as she would say “it will get better."   Toree didn’t conquer everything but wanted to help others even as she continued to heal and overcome.

Toree’s Hope is an opportunity to acknowledge the incredible challenges that so many young people face and to offer Crossfire as a place to be restored, renewed and learn to trust the One who offers lasting hope.  We, the mentors, volunteers and horses are simply conduits to the hope that Jesus offers.  

Toree knew hope. And she very much wanted others to have it too.  We want to help break the cycles of childhood trauma and the devastating effects it has on our youth.

There IS HOPE. Our youth can become strong & resilient! Your donation to Toree's Hope goes directly to provide mentoring sessions to vulnerable youth.