About Mindfulness - Beginners Class - Oct 26, 2021

Course, via Zoom

Mindfulness: Gateway to Discernment and Inner Freedom Beginners Class

with Michael Grady

4 Tuesdays: Oct. 26, Nov. 2, Nov. 9, Nov. 16; 7-8:15pm ET

This course will be held virtually, via Zoom.

We will take up the practice of the Four Foundations of Mindfulness: the body; feelings; mental states; and laws of experience.


The emphasis will be on seeing for ourselves how the power of mindfulness can free us of conditioned habits of mind that often undermine our clarity and inner freedom. Designed for new students and for all meditators who are interested in cultivating a fresh examination of the Four Foundations of Mindfulness.

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Michael Grady began practicing Insight Meditation with Joseph Goldstein and Sharon Salzberg in 1974 when they first returned from Asia. He has also been a student of the late Chan master Sheng Yen who taught the practice of Silent Illumination - a practice which emphasizes relaxing the body and mind while practicing awareness without expectations or an agenda. Michael is a Core teacher at IMS in Barre, MA and was a Guiding Teacher at the Cambridge Insight Meditation Center for more than 20 years. Having taught extensively in both intensive retreats and in an urban dharma center, Michael encourages an attitude towards practice which is wholistic - that all of life is viewed as an opportunity for awakening to freedom.


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