About Eamon J. McEneaney Queens Middle School Lacrosse

CityLax Eamon J. McEneaney #10 Queens Middle School Lacrosse Initiative

Honoring the sacrifice and generous spirit of #10, Eamon J. McEneaney, a Cornell University Legend, Citylax is pleased to invite you to support our Queens Middle School lacrosse initiative!

With a 15 year track record of success building and supporting 72 boys and girls High School JV & Varsity Teams in the 5 Boroughs, it is time to pivot to the some 600 Middle Schools in NYC!

Matching Funds:

Make a $50,000 (or smaller amount) contribution, and your gift will be matched! For more details, please contact John Moser, CityLax CEO ([email protected])

2021-2023 Middle School Plan:

In 3 years, create 45 programs (25 new + 15 existing) school-based middle school lacrosse league throughout all 5 boroughs; plus, supplemental educational programming.

5 Middle School Programs in Queens

$30,000 per new program over 3 years for a total of $150,000

14 Day Free summer lacrosse/educational camp experience in Queens for Boys & Girls (110 students) $25,000