About Help Alex

Carts 4 A Cause is at it again and we need your help. After completing our mission to raffle off golf carts that we rebuilt and refurbished to collect donations in benefit of Meadow's Movement, Orange Ribbons for Jaime, Make Our Schools Safe, and Parkland Buddy Sports...please meet Alex Springer. Alex is a 9th-grade student at Coral Springs Charter School. Alex has Autism. He is now 16 years old and like any typical 16 years old, he is excited to learn how to drive.

Have you ever thought about how students with disabilities learn how to pass a driver's test? Ever wonder how these same students get a driver's license?

Carts 4 A Cause is dedicated to rebuilding and refurbishing a golf cart to present to Alex as a safe way for Alex to learn how to drive.

Alex loves things like bacon cheeseburgers, watching movies and YouTube videos, and playing video games. If you are a fan of the History Channel, Alex could be your best friend as he is a huge history buff. He is on the cross country team and ran the 800-meter event for the school track team. This was a huge accomplishment for Alex. He loves his service dog, Serene who he helps take care of. His favorite person on earth is his Dad, Gary.

Alex is ambitious and wants to learn how to drive. Like all parents, but especially in Alex's parent's case, they are hesitant and worried about how to safely teach him to drive and allow him to gain his independence. This is where Carts 4 A Cause and you can help Alex and his parents.

Carts 4 A Cause is actively working on a special golf cart to present to Alex to help him safely learn how to drive. But, we need your help. Please go to our website at and donate to help make this dream of Alex's to drive a reality. Alex is so excited about this next step and important milestone in his life and Carts 4 A Cause is stoked to help along with our sponsors and you.