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By connecting the people in search of solutions with the experts, processes and technologies in one place, we can avoid redundant work effort and expedite solutions. 

Our Vision:  Global Water Works for all

Our Mission:  Those in need of solutions are connected with the people, processes and technology that make water work. 

Outcome:  Water problems are solved locally and these successes are scaled globally.

Thank you to our sponsors and faithful donors!  We wouldn't be here without you.   And, a special thanks to our knowledge and media partners:

Global Water Works is a registered charity (501c3) and online community dedicated to advancing the adoption of smart and efficient technologies to solve the global water crisis in this generation.

Through its integrated digital platform and collaboration programs, Global Water Works illuminates the people, processes and technologies working to address today's water challenges, and supports the funding of these efforts. The Global Water Works community is free, and members may also subscribe to focused discussion forums, spanning Atmospheric Water, Digital Transformation, Corporate Sustainability, Women in Water and Next Generation opportunities.

Your donation of any amount will enable us to connect more in search of solutions with those who make Global Water Work! 

We have provided a user friendly interface to connect the people, processes and technologies who are already making water work.