About The Mahabharata - A 10 year project

The time is now

To overcome cultural bias, one must empathize with "the other": our art, our heritage.

To embolden cultural pride, we tell our stories from new perspectives and in new mediums.

To foster cultural respect, we seek out those who will listen.

This is the Mahabharata

The largest epic in the world covers concepts of caste, gender, humanity, in ways we could not fathom. 

Of the 5-6 renditions of the Mahabharata floating out there, and 3 major translations, this is one of the biggest works a team of storytellers can take on in their life. Many give up trying to understand the magnitude of what is covered. \

Navatman, the critically acclaimed NYC-based cultural hub for classical Indian dance and music, is bringing The Mahabharata to film in the first-ever retelling that is driven by young, immigrant artists hailing from across the United States. Through a stunning blend of classical Indian music and dance, and years of extensive academic research into the epic, Navatman's Mahabharata proves why the Mahabharata matters in 2021.

100,000 verses*

3 translations researched

7+ adaptations read

Thousands of person-hours

...will become

The Mahabharata translated to film and to theater by Navatman.

With an artistic team having decades of experience, advisors from various academic standpoints, and a range of artists from all over the country, the Navatman team is putting together a 3-part series that you won’t want to miss.

Where we are with the project

The project has 6 different parts: a film trilogy & a theater trilogy.

þ Part 1 (Film): Scheduled for release Fall 2021.
¨ Part 2 (Film): TBD.
¨ Part 3 (Film): TBD.

    þ Part 1 (Stage): Successfully released in theaters October 2019.

¨ Part 2 (Stage): Planned for release Fall 2022.

¨ ​Part 3 (Stage): TBD.

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