About Bands for Brains

What is Bands for Brains?

Bands for Brains is a virtual fundraiser concert to raise money for brain injury research. The concert takes place on May 15, 2021 at 7 p.m. EST on the Bands for Brains youtube channel. Please note that even though this concert is ticketed, it is free to attend! Remember that it is also fundraiser, and donations are greatly appreciated! The event is organized by Riley, a high school junior from the greater Baltimore, Maryland area. Riley is not only a music lover, but has a personal experience regarding brain injuries. Riley’s mom acquired a traumatic brain injury in 2015, and she remains in a minimally conscious state. All revenue that this event creates will be going directly to the Brain Injury Association of Maryland (BIAMD). We’ve brought together some amazing musicians who have generously contributed their time and their talent, and they will be performing some really great sets curated just for this show. So come and listen to some great music, for a great cause!
A Message From Riley

Please keep in mind that I am working hard to stay mostly anonymous. If you know me, please respect my wishes to remain private and do not disclose my identity. Thank you.

FlamAngo Bay 

We are Flamango Bay, an indie pop rock band from the Bay Area! When we started playing together in middle school, we barely knew each other. Four years of high school and a pandemic later; we live together in our LA apartment. We each come from diverse musical backgrounds. You can hear the influence of 90’s alternative, garage rock, and emo pop to r&b, funk, and jazz. Bands like Fashion Jackson, Paramore, Vulfpeck, Beabadoobee, and Small Crush and artists like Stevie Wonder, Sza, Mitski, Frank Ocean and Harry Styles are some of our favorites.

We have been shaped by the Bay Area in every way. We are inspired by activism and motivated by the desperate need for change. As a female fronted, predominantly queer band, it is our goal to make the California indie scene a safe space for everyone. We want to build up a community in which there’s mutual respect between bands and their audiences. Everyone deserves a place in the scene, except for racists, abusers, homophobes, transphobes etc.


Dogbreth is a vehicle for the intimate and often tender guitar-driven power-pop of Arizona songwriter Tristan Jemsek and an ever-revolving lineup of friends.


Sarchasm are three introverts with lisps of varying severity and radically different coffeeshop orders, unified by their love of superheroes, burritos, and ugly button-up shirts. They make music about mountains and friendships gone wrong.


Old Eastern was formed in early 2012 in a basement out in Baltimore M.D. In the many years since those days, a lot has changed. One thing however, remains the same; This whiskey-rock Baltimore band known as “Old Eastern” is on a mission to break some ear drums. 
 Find us at: IG @theoldeastern FB @oldeastern


Tionesta was formed in 2018 by Steve “Durango” Williams and Steven Sexton while the two attended The University of Maryland in College Park. In 2019, the group added Williams’ former bandmate Bryant Roesch from Syracuse, New York, and brought on Baltimore locals Spencer Cox and Taylor Gomolisky. Tionesta released its first EP “Greatest Hits” in March of 2019. The EP was well received in Baltimore with the band selling out it’s debut performance and the four tracks each receiving air time across Baltimore radio stations. In March of 2021, the group will be releasing tracks from their debut album “Tionesta” as three singles across March and April. The full album will be released on May 7th, 2021.