About Sponsor A Cancer Chronicles Retreat

Cancer Chronicles is a two-day creative retreat which provides those affected by cancer a safe, supportive space to share their cancer journey through storytelling. The process aims to allow reflection, promote emotional healing, and provide connection with others who have similar experiences. In partnership with the Witte Museum, we are able to have a beautiful, serene environment to create and share.  Take a walk around the museum to be inspired and reflect, and join us for an on location, provided lunch.  

Together, participants explore the stories of their unique cancer journey with the help of a facilitator who guides each of them in crafting a focused narrative.  At a later date, participants will share their stories with each other, family, and friends during a private night of readings and inspirational live music. This special night of sharing stories helps process the cancer experience and give a voice to the storyteller; while listeners can learn from “one who knows.”

This retreat is for all levels of storytellers-from novices to experts. All are welcome!

Open to anyone affected by cancer: fighters, survivors, caregivers, health care professionals, family, or friends.