About Facing Humanity - DIY Green

We create media to encourage introspection about the choices we make on a daily basis and how we are impacting the future of humanity. 

In the United States, most of us are living in denial or reacting with passivity about the existential threat of climate change. We are often distracted by other issues and triggers in our newsfeed, and we are so divided as a country that many people have given up trying to create any change that requires collective action. 

The reality is that climate change is happening in the present, not in the future. And, it's a life or death matter for us as individuals and for the human race. The impact of climate change will be felt by all people eventually in many areas of our lives: our health, food, homes, income, happiness, social stability, etc. 

So, what do we do about it? We must start with learning, discussing, listening, speaking up, and making changes in our lives and communities. Facing Humanity's DIY Green project is an invitation to think about climate change not just as a doom and gloom policy matter for big corporations, but also as a more personal journey. 

Let us make this moment a turning point for the good of the planet, fellow human beings, and our own health and happiness.