About GivingTuesday November 28, 2023

Please join us for GivingTuesday to support our mission to transform the lives of our adult students by teaching them the English skills needed to succeed in life. 

​LCBC Student Rafael Artiga-Gudiel

     Rafael applied for help from the Literacy Council of Benton County in March of 2021 because he wanted to “think in English”. “At work, we’re given large numbers, quotas, of work to be produced and always, I had to translate the number and take time to think about the number I heard to figure out what was needed for the job. I came to LCBC for help, at least, to practice my speech and to help me think in English.”

     Other than improving his work-related vocabulary, Rafael’s listed goals included increasing his income, increasing involvement with his child’s education and his community.  Rafael did more in a year than learn to think in English. “I bought a home for my family,” he says with pride, a sense of accomplishment, and a smile.  Rafael has a B. A. degree and experience in psychology work in his home country of El Salvador prior to immigrating to the United States and has volunteered to help Afghan refugees if needed. Not able to practice in this country, Rafael now works at a manufacturing company in Lowell, AR and wants to mention his LCBC tutor, Richard Wells.
“I owe a lot to my tutor, Richard,” Rafael says. A lot of time and many conversations later, Rafael was recently called into his supervisor’s office. “I was there for over an hour, and when I left, I realized…I spoke the whole time in English! Without an interpreter!” And, Richard reports, Rafael has been asked to assist other Spanish speakers on the factory floor with their English skills. Rafael, proud of his daughters and wanting to share that pride with his tutor and LCBC, invited staff to his daughter’s photographic exhibit held recently at John Brown University.

​      “Richard was a model for my daughter, for her project, and I think the photographs turned out great! My daughter asked me to help and I modeled for her, too, walking past a wall or standing away from her,” Rafael said, meeting yet another goal of his, assisting his children with their educational endeavors with confidence to do so. “I’m glad LCBC staff could attend, and Richard. I thank LCBC for all their help!” Rafael and Richard continue to meet at LCBC during the week and work on Rafael’s conversation skills.

What Your Gift Will Accomplish

With your support, more young people like Rafael will have the opportunity to thrive. As the saying goes: many hands make the work light. Together we can help our students build a better tomorrow.