About Family Connection with Love #Givingtuesday

Please join us for #GivingTuesday to raise $50,000 




We extend our love by giving and putting smiles on the faces of children and their parents.  Help us give gifts to children ages 3 to 10  to make their holiday season memorable. Items needed are toys, bikes, books, under garments and toiletries.  Our volunteers ("The A Team") are fulfilled by serving their community through The Douglas Brothers Foundation events.  Any contribution that you give will positively impact children and families.  Thank you.

"We build our community by giving holiday gifts, school supplies, career, and leadership resources".

What Your Gift Will Accomplish?

With your support, more families will have the opportunity to thrive. Dignity is restored to parents to ensure their children have their needs met as well as enjoy their families and simply be happy. The Douglas Brothers Foundation is empowered to continuously connect and reach our youth. Together we can "Build Today's Youth for Tomorrow" and strengthen our community.