About Giving Campaign for Community Cats

Please consider making a donation for the medical needs of kittens born outdoors to community cats. 

Mr. Brinker's Story

 A community cat caretaker reached out to Hendricks Humane regarding a cat colony situation that had grown out of control, over 100 cats & kittens!  This happens because most of the cats had not been spayed or neutered so there were many litters of kittens.  Our Operations Manager and volunteers jumped into action to manage the situation through humane trapping, spay/neuter, vet care and vaccinations. Immediately volunteers pulled 5 of the sickest kittens to get them into the vet, unsure all would survive.  Statistics tell us that the survival rate of kittens born outdoors is stark.  Mr. Brinker was pulled from this colony and thankfully fully recovered and was adopted into a loving home.  Unfortunately, some of his colony mates did not have a happy ending.
Volunteers, with the help of the caretaker, worked tirelessly to get the cats in this colony healthy and to rescue the kittens to be placed in foster care and adopted.  Ultimately of this 100+ colony, over 40 kittens were rescued and found homes while the remaining adult cats were spayed or neutered to end the cycle of litters and suffering.
This work takes a lot of resources: time, effort, money, and transportation.  The dollars spent on this one project was about $5,000 for the sick kittens and cats plus another $5,000 for spay/neuter surgeries.  In 2021, we have paid over $15,000 for over 350 spay/neuter surgeries alone for community cats.  We need to fund the 2022 budget to continue this work.  Will you help?  A donation of $40 with pay to have a cat spayed or neutered.   Thank you for your consideration.

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What Your Gift Will Accomplish

Your donation on Giving Tuesday will go toward replenishing our fund to continue helping cat caretakers manage the colonies through humane trapping, spay/neuter and vaccinations thereby saving many cats from suffering.