About #GivingTuesday 2021

Please join us for #GivingTuesday to raise money to launch our program to Certify K-12 teachers & staff as Educators for Gender Equity.

K-12 Teachers are want to promote gender equity in their classrooms & schools– but they lack the specific training to do so. 

Teach About Women is providing a solution. To become an Educator for Gender Equity, K-12 teachers and staff complete at least one course in all six areas, including an 8-hour course on foundations of teaching gender equity (orange) and participation in a community-centered monthly cohort meeting, for a total of 40 hours. They may complete their coursework in-person or online. Because no two educators and no two communities are alike, we provide a wealth of options including role-specific applications. After all, a kindergarten teacher from Denver, CO needs different skills and knowledge than a high school guidance  counselor from Newark, NJ needs. Our balance of core foundations and choice ensures that all k-12 teachers and staff  learn what they need to be Educators for Gender Equity. 

How can K-12 teachers become certified as Educators for Gender Equity?

Why 5 stripes and a button?
Each of the 5 stripes represents an essential component to becoming an educator for gender equity. At the center of our approach is the button that binds the strands together. This button symbolizes the community-building component at the heart of our certification program. Every educator will be put into a cohort so that they can learn and grow with one another and form the relationships that are fundamental to maintaining equity and inclusion work over the long-term. 

What do we need?
To get started: We need $25,000 to pilot our certification program in with 50 teachers 5 schools ($500/educator).

To sustain: We need $200,000 to bring our program to 500 teachers and make an impact on 50,000 students ($400/educator). With this amount, we can ensure that our certification program growth through strategic school partnerships. We won't need to do any more major fundraising.

To make a nationwide impact: $3.5million to train and certify 10,000 K-12 teachers to make an impact on 1,000,000 students ($350/educator). With this amount, we can ensure that our certification becomes a force for good on the national stage within a few years.

See more budget details here

What will my gift accomplish?
With your support, K-12 teachers and staff across the nation will have the knowledge and training to make gender equity part of every aspect of school life. 
  • Your gift of $25 purchases two books for our participants. 

  • Your gift of $50 supports the development of our Gender Equity Foundations Course. 

  • Your gift of $100 sponsors a teachers through an entire year of our Community Mentorship Program. 

  • Your gift of $500 sponsors 1 teacher to get certified as an Educator for Gender Equity, 

  • Your gift of $1000 allows us to pilot our program in a new school. 

See more budget details here