About Recovering Smiles Fundraiser

Please join us to raise $50,000 to fund the increased demand for emergency dental services to the most vulnerable, uninsured population in our community!

Since the onset of the COVID-19 stay-at-home order we braved the unknown and continued seamlessly during a substantial increase of over 300 visits in a month!


Demand for care at our clinic increased threefold:

1) The demand for dental increased as Hawaii’s economy sputters
2) A large annual grant will not be available anytime soon, and
3) We were unable to hold a fundraising gala this year to offset a decrease in grants.


Examples of programs that your gift can fund:

What Your Gift Will Recover

In celebration of our 38th year helping Hawaii and the globe, donations will help recover so many lives.  With your support, more young people will have the opportunity to thrive and patients will be taken out of oral pain when treated with quality emergency dental care. As the saying goes: many hands make the work light. Together we can buoy the next generation and build a better tomorrow. In celebration of our 38th year helping Hawaii and the globe, donations are themed as such...

Individual Donation (examples of how your donation can help):

  • Your "recurring" gift of $38 will help purchase clinic and educational materials.
  • Your one-time gift of $380 supports student & staff mentorship or PPE (personal protection equipment) for a month.
  • Your one-time gift of $3,800 sponsors outreach programs or operational costs. 
  • Or give what you are able!