About #GivingTuesday November 30, 2021

Please join us for #GivingTuesday to raise $50,000 and sponsor homeless people and families. 

House The Homeless

Ray's Story : Why I started a non profit

In 2018 I decided to start a non profit because I saw a few needs in our community I believe we can help with. There are families  and individuals going hungry. There is a lack of Safe Shelter space and affordable low income housing. In the last few years just like thousands of other Americans I lost my day job not just once, but twice. I began to plan my escape route in the event I went through my savings and was forced to leave my home. I was blessed with new employment so it never came to that but the options I found were bleak. I also realized it only takes a few missed pay checks to put good people out on the streets.  

In 2019 Ray's The Roof House The Homeless Foundation became an official 501(C)(3) non profit. Our mission to feed the hungry and house the homeless is well underway. As members of the Food Donation connection we were partnered with Outback Steak House and Olive Garden in Burlington, NC. We pick frozen food they have saved for us weekly. We deliver the donated food to Organizations that help feed the community members suffering from food insecurity. We encourage other restaurants to participate in some type of food donation program such as the Harvest Program from The FDC -  Whatever you do please don't just throw away perfectly edible food. 

The other issues we want to help with are Safe Affordable housing and temporary, transitional shelters for the homeless. I'm starting my 12th year in the Safety field. Split, about half between Manufacturing & Construction. I have my C-MESH certification and I'm an authorized OSHA outreach trainer. I worked over a year on Governor Cooper's NC Rebuild program as a Safety Inspector. What I learned on that program led me to search for a different type of building material one that does not require wood. Stick built homes had delays due to skyrocketing wood costs, termite damage issues were prevalent in many rehabs. Although single and double wide mobile home trailers comply with county and housing codes. I want to use materials that exceed the minimum requirements. I found 2 companies with revolutionary solutions to stick built homes. Innovative building solutions makes the product you see here. For more of their products and details about how these kits are assembled got to
their web site: We think this will make great safe temporary
transitional homeless shelters / disaster emergency relief / accessory dwellings, etc.  

M2 Emmmedue the future of home building is here.

What Your Gift Will Accomplish

With your support we can help those suffering from food insecurity and homelessness.
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