About Fall Virtual Clinic with the Haitian Team

Ride along with our Haitian crew as they run the November clinic!  You will experience the sights, sounds, and familiar faces of Do Digue.  So pack your 50 lb. duffels, grab some trail mix, and don’t forget your malaria meds…your trip is right around the corner.

Before clinic starts, we will welcome you with a pre-clinic care package sent to your home.  You can send a message ahead of time to share with the team at the first-morning meeting of clinic.  Start your day with a drive down Route 1 Nacionale and turn left down the road to Do Digue as kids yell “Blan! Blan!”  Make the risky walk across the bridge if you dare. Check-in at triage and hope the line isn’t too long.  You will be greeted by your favorite interpreters, CHWs, and Gadyen Dlo workers.  The patients will say Bonjou as they sit with the providers.  Stop by the OB hut and see how many birth kits are being given out today.  Check-in with the famasi to see if your meds are ready.  Perhaps you need glasses?  Alin is ready to meet your needs.  Tooth pain?  Don’t worry - Dr. Emmanuel will see you now.  Thirsty? Gary will be there to provide you with Haitian Coca-Cola or lemonade if you so choose.  Check-in with treatment to see how many UAs Francesca has done today.  Don’t forget to check out at TEBOW before you go home.  After clinic, we will have a post-clinic live Zoom meet-up where you will get to see all the action that occurred during the clinic day, discuss the day’s vibe, stats, successes, and challenges, have a live Q&A with Dange + other clinic staff, and share in a brief team meeting to discuss a CHI value.  Maybe you’ll even be able to take in an infamous Haitian sunset at the end of the day. 

All this and more awaits you at the CHI Haiti Fall Virtual Clinic. We can’t wait for you to join us.  

*photo credit courtesy of Leah Beach