About The Chrysalis Building Project

A Chrysalis Program goal for 2022 is to obtain land to build our first headquarters brick and mortar.

This requires funding from a myriad of sources. We are in the process of applying for grants to make this possible. In order to be approved for grants, we have to be able to show that we are able to earn at minimum 25% of the project costs. We have begun gaining smaller grants, seeking sponsorships, and investors. 

We are asking the community that we serve to help us raise funds to meet the 25% requirement. 

The Chrysalis Program:


African American girls through strategically building self confidence.


African American girls by offering group and individual therapy.


African American girls by teaching life skills to students and parents.


African American girls by creating safe spaces to be their authentic selves.

The Chrysalis Program is launching a fundraising campaign to build a

Chrysalis Center for Girls

on Chicago's South Side. 

Join us