About 20th Anniversary of 9.11.2001 - Remembrance Event

Power of One Foundation & Patriots Voice present The Re - United States of America Tour. This year marks the 20th Anniversary of a day that shook America and saw the best of our Military, First Responders, Health Care Workers, and everyday citizens.


This historic event will take place at The Hanger at Orange County Fairgrounds in front of a small audience. It will be live-streamed.  What better way to recognize those who sacrificed their lives or served on this sad day in American history?


As Americans we are as diverse in our individual beliefs and cultures as we are in our choice of music and entertainment. There will be special celebrity guest speakers from heroic military members and first responders to Patriotic celebrities to Representatives from the House and the Senate, as well as musicians from all genres (classical to contemporary).


It is a day of Patriotism. A true reflection of the fabric of A9/11 merica coming together to re-count the events of 9-11 and pay respect to the precious lives lost that day 20 years ago.


We invite you to join us on this special day. We would be honored for you to attend as a VIP guest. With your esteemed attendance we are sure to achieve the event this day deserves.


Re-Uniting the United States is the theme for this day and every day.   


Remembrance for those who gave their all on 9-11-2001. 


Respect for Military, First Responders and everyday citizens who answer the call, run into danger to protect lives and freedom).


Resilience of the American Spirit.


We have had the honor of coordinating and performing at the 75th anniversary of Pearl Harbor on the USS Missouri, at the Pentagon, on the USS Midway for the 105th birthday party of the oldest living Pearl Harbor survivor.  We have also performed at military bases across the country. 


When we look at the state of America today there is a new crisis. Covid 19. As we reopen and redefine what it I to be an American it is important that we don’t forget the great lesson we learned from 911. There is nothing we cannot achieve if we all come together to Re Unite the United States, we all know and love.