About Environmental Curricula for TN Educators

Tennessee Environmental Council and the School for Science and Math at Vanderbilt have worked together to develop curricula that meet TN Biology standards for your use.

All the resources were created in Google Drive so once you download them, you can change any part of the documents that you present to your students. These are meant to be an aid to you and hopefully, make things easier since we know you work so hard already!


This curriculum has a strong environmental focus. Many of the prompts are meant to engage your students and really encourage them to think about the environment around them and how they can better it. A lot of it is designated for students in middle school, but it can easily be adapted for high schoolers and even includes some curriculum created for AP Environmental Science classrooms.

Since it was developed in Nashville there are many parts of the presentations that mention things specific to Nashville, which can be taken out or changed if you live in a different city. There are also several hands-on activities such as creating a compost pile or recycling that you can omit if that’s not an option for your class. 


There are seven different lessons that come with a Google Slides presentation, a lesson plan, and some with additional resources. The first three lessons form a module and focus on reducing waste (recycling, composting, etc.). The next four lessons are a module and talk about the environment and its properties (environmentalism, ecosystems, climate change). 

Please click "access curricula" to receive instructions on how to access the materials.