About Change the World for Girls

The inspiration for 'How to Change the World for Girls' originates in Girl Scouts, specifically the service project that Sophia chose to fulfill for her Gold Award. She traveled to Tanzania in June 2021 to implement a project, “Books and Bikes for Africa”, that she had been working on for two years. She focused on the lack of access to education and transportation in Africa, and the lack of awareness in her own community of global issues. She collected over 200 books, created a library in a school in Tanzania that had none, and remodeled the school constructing new desks, bookshelves, and windows. Additionally, at another school, she educated teenage girls on menstrual health and provided them with reusable pads. Her project also donated books to that school to start their own library.

She learned from her Gold Award that she wanted to narrow her target audience to girls, broaden her geographical scale, and address issues beyond books and bikes such as independence, reproductive health, and leadership. Thus, she decided to focus on the ways in which she could give girls the opportunities to succeed in the world despite their gender.  


Sophia’s project is driven by the mission to provide girls with the tools necessary to become independent, successful leaders in society. The CORE Foundation supports her efforts and is helping Sophia embark on her journey to build a team of leaders and volunteers to enact positive change for girls around the globe. Girls are met with countless barriers globally, restricted in opportunities because of their gender. Change the World for Girls project believes that through education on

·         Growth,

·         Independence,

·         Reproductive health,

·         Leadership, and

·         Scholarship

girls can surpass these boundaries and develop into strong, influential leaders that can change the world.

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Change the World for Girls is a fiscally sponsored CORE Cause by the CORE Foundation EIN # 20-5997764. Donations are tax-deductible to the furthest extent of the law.