About BHF - Response to Haiti Earthquake 2021

The Build Haiti Foundation operates on the philosophy of “L’ Union Fait La Force” which means together we are stronger. With that in mind, BHF works with partner organization to make greater impact.

On August 14th, 2021, the southern region of Haiti was the epicenter of a deadly magnitude 7.2 earthquake. These circumstances have created an ongoing state of emergency for thousands of families who are without shelter, electricity, food, basic medical need, and care. The Build Haiti Foundation (BHF), Columbia’s Cap-Haitien Sister City Committee (a Columbia Association program) and the Glenelg Country School are working to help families in Camp Perrin, a city10 miles north of Les Cayes, the epicenter of the quake. We are calling upon the Columbia/Howard County community, Haitian Diaspora, and friends of Haiti to help us in this effort. The Build Haiti Foundation is working with its partners on the ground in Haiti, including Project St Anne (PSA), Inc, an organization that has been serving the Camp Perrin community for the past 13 years in educating children and providing support for their families. PSA has identified 250 families who have been displaced by the earthquake, who need food, shelter, and basic medical care. We are asking for financial donations to help reach a fundraising goal of $5,200, which will provide relief for seven families as follows:

  • Shelters, made of tin tents for seven families in Camp Perrin ($400 per shelter)
  • Food for seven families of four for 10 weeks ($200 per family)

100 percent of all contributions designated for the Haiti Earthquake Relief Campaign will be donated to Project St. Anne, a non-profit disaster relief program with a particularly strong presence on the ground so they can support the communities and launch outreach efforts.

Click here to donate towards the Haiti Earthquake Relief Campaign.

Your tax-deductible donation will be collected by the Build Haiti Foundation, a local 501 (c) (3) nonprofit organization based in Columbia, MD, working for the long term sustainability of Haiti through its four pillars of development, including education, public health, environmental sustainability and entrepreneurship. The organizations involved seek to appeal to their donors in coordinating this Haiti fundraiser as well as ensuring that 100% of the donations are delivered directly to the Haitian relief fund. 

100 percent of all donations will be designated for the Haiti Earthquake Relief Campaign and will be forwarded to Project St. Anne in Haiti.

Thank you for your generosity.