About Welles & Cogs Middle School Lacrosse Program

Welles and Cogs Bronx Middle School Lacrosse Program

Honoring the sacrifice and generous spirits of Welles Crowther and Tim "Cogs" Coughlin, Citylax is pleased to invite you to support our Middle School lacrosse initiative!

With a 15 year track record of success building and supporting 62 boys and girls High School JV & Varsity Teams in the 5 Boroughs, it is time to pivot to the some 600 Middle Schools in NYC!

2021-2023 Middle School Vision/Plan:

In 3 years, create/support 45 programs (25 new + 15 existing) school-based middle school lacrosse league throughout all 5 boroughs; plus offer supplemental educational programming.

Establish 5 Middle School Programs in the Bronx, named for CityLax Fallen Heroes, Welles Crowther and Tim Coughlin

$30,000 supports/sustains a new program over 3 years for a total of $150,000