About Our Quest to Sustain $25k

We're embarking on a journey to secure $25,000 annually in recurring donations to sustain BAY-Peace. We invite our supporters to contribute regularly so that we can sustain our youth-led work in trauma-healing, violence prevention and racial justice.

"It takes a village" is more than just a saying; it's a philosophy that guides us to collectively empower and uplift our youth so that they may also grow as the future leaders of our society. We believe that true change and progress requires a sustained collective effort of multiple generations of community members. Our Youth Leaders Collective, Interns, and dedicated staff are the heart and soul of our organization, playing a unique and critical role in our mission but we need your help to sustain their on-going and growing leadership. We believe in the power of community and it will take our village to truly sustain our investment in the BAY-Peace youth leaders of today and tomorrow.

This year we are searching for monthly, quarterly or annual recurring donors to help us fulfill our goal of securing $25,000 in donations every year.

Here's how your support can make a tangible difference:

1. Compensation for Youth Leaders Collective: by sustaining our efforts, you ensure that our youth leaders receive fair compensation of $40 per month. Our 2-hr Monthly meetings ensure their continued leadership beyond their first program, totaling $480 annually per youth.

2. Resources, Services & Support for Wellness: help us provide free or donation-based services to support community wellness. A $75 investment can reach up to 3 individuals, providing free services like massage therapy, reiki, chiropractic work and more!

3. Family Healing Circulos: We are nurturing healthy youth and family dynamics by facilitating growth in Non-Violent communication and meaningful connection. $500 per year helps us provide healing circles and tangible resources for a family impacted by injustice systems, violence and abuse.

4. Art & Wellness Jamboree Our $15,000 goal for our annual youth project will enable us to use participatory action research, community based art and grassroots organizing as a powerful tool for cultural, systems and social change.

We are committed to building relationships with all who can help us build better alternatives for youth. Whether you’re a caretaker, mentor, legislator, organizer, educator or any other vital member of the community, your support is critical in strengthening these connections. Your on-going support will help us sustain the systemic, cultural and narrative change then we need to see in our vision to build a world where youth voices are uplifted through creative expressions and holistic education that will promote their transformation, trauma-healing and wellness.

Become a sustainer today and choose a frequency and amount that aligns with your values on community safety, youth justice and collective healing.

Learn more about BAY-Peace at our website:

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