About Levi

Levi is most often described as “a light” or “shining light”. He loves people and has an almost super human ability to make others around him feel special. This is especially remarkable given that almost all of his 12 years of life have been filled with hardship. At the age of two he had his first brain tumor diagnosis and major surgery.  He had complex medical conditions, physical disabilities, visual impairment and many related challenges. During an annual MRI a tumor had regrown. He underwent endoscopic nasal surgery to remove the tumor. He had many complications during his recovery and the tumor grew back again. This means another surgery and constant radiation treatment. It’s easy to imagine how much strain this puts on a family. Levi has two brothers and a sister and both of his parents work full time. These health crises require long gaps in work and combine with increased expenses. Mitchell Thorp Foundation helps them under the Medical & Home Assistance program. Please consider donating any amount to help Levi get through this once again. 

Together is the only way.