About November Letter!

What do you think of when November rolls around?

Most of us would say “Thanksgiving!”; me too, generally. I’ve already got pumpkin pie and whipped cream on my mind. Not to mention gravy… gravy is good on everything!  Hopefully with a decline in the Covid situation, more of our families can gather than last year, but some folks won’t have that option!  Sadly, there are those in our community who are more concerned about if they will eat, not what they will eat.  They are thinking more about where they will sleep tonight than how many people will be at their house on Thanksgiving!


For 70 years, the Union Gospel Mission has been helping our un-housed neighbors with these exact issues! We have been providing a place to find food, shelter, and most importantly the opportunity to change their lives.  In our 70 years we have provided over 2 million meals to those who are hungry, we have provided over 1 million safe nights sleep to those who have no options, tens of thousands of pieces of clothing and furnishings, and many other physical needs that we have had the pleasure of meeting.


But most importantly, we have provided the resources for individuals to create lasting change in their lives! A chance to break the chains of addiction, a chance to rebuild relationships long destroyed, and the opportunity to make an eternal difference! But, none of this happens without help! Your financial gift makes it possible for us to help those who may have nowhere else to turn! Please consider helping us continue “Meeting Needs, Making Change, and Magnifying Christ!”


Please pray for our Annual Thanksgiving Dinner where we will be outside the Bessie Smith Cultural Center serving between 300 and 400 traditional Thanksgiving meals to those in need in the Chattanooga Area!  If you would like more information or you can reach us at [email protected].



Serving Christ and the Community,

Rev. Jon Rector

Executive Director


P.S.  Won’t you prayerfully consider sending a substantial gift as soon as possible!