About Veterans' Hospital of Armenia


Family Rescue Fund & Veterans of Armenia Veterans Day Gala helps raise nearly half a million dollars for new Veterans’ Hospital by Zinvori Tun NGO in Armenia’s Yerevan. Los Angeles, California – On November 11, 2021, Veterans of Armenia, co-organizing with Family Rescue Fund held a Veterans Day gala at the Grand Venue Banquet Hall in Los Angeles. The goal for this event was to raise funds for the new Veterans’ Hospital in Armenia in support of the soldiers of the Artsakh War. The event brought together hundreds of Armenians from a wide variety of backgrounds, professions, and occupations to support a common cause and continue the long journey of providing for the well-being of our homeland and our people. The night was heralded by an interesting and interactive program that included performances by both beloved and well-known artists, such as Armenchik, Arthur Khachents, Karo Ayrumyan, and Tata Simonyan. An auction featuring artwork created by veterans of the 44-Day Artsakh War with Armenian-themed rare collectibles, and paintings such as rugs from the Shushi Rug Factory. The event was successful in raising $425,000 with pending donations for the new Veterans’ Hospital project by the Zinvori Tun NGO. As a cornerstone for future cooperation and philanthropy, the gala night embodied the organizers’ motto of “Unity” and “No Soldier Left Behind.”

** 11/12/21 - END **

The Soldier's Home Rehabilitation Center was established in 2018 by the "Support to Wounded Soldiers and Disabled" charity NGO in cooperation with the Ministry of Defense and YSMU. The Soldier's Home is a leading rehabilitation center in Armenia and the region, equipped with modern appliances and the best professional multidisciplinary team. In almost four years of operation, the Soldier's House has raised about $ 5 million. The center is a multifunctional rehabilitation complex, where the soldiers wounded while defending the homeland receive free-of-charge rehabilitation treatment. Aligned with the rehabilitation treatment, various social, educational, cultural, and entertainment programs are implementing for the wounded soldiers, the problems of employment and social reintegration are being solved. The center has served more than 5,000 wounded soldiers within frameworks of its variety of programs by now. 

The partners of the Soldier's Home are YSMU, Ministry of Defense, My Step Charitable Foundation, ARS Armenia, VIVA. Doctors and volunteers of Armenia, Veterans of Armenia, Aznavour Foundation, and the UN. Tashir Charitable Foundation, Vardanyan Family Charitable Foundation, Hayastan All-Armenian Fund, Viva-MTS, and others have supported us within the various projects. 

During the 44-day Artsakh war in 2020, 11,000 soldiers received various injuries, about 1,500 of which were recognized as disabled, according to official data. There were about 9,000 disabled soldiers in Armenia, and about 5,000 wounded soldiers Before the 2020 war. Thus, the number of people who have suffered military service, war injuries, mutilations, and/or illnesses in Armenia is about 25,000, who have plural health problems and will need close professional supervision and medical care in the coming years. However, there is no medical facility tailored to the needs of people with mobility problems in Armenia. Soldiers with disabilities do not have the opportunity to exercise their right to health care in a dignified 

way. Thus, the Soldier's Home has initiated a program to build a Veterans’ Hospital to address the health issues of the above-mentioned social group. 

The hospital will be fully adapted to the needs of people with mobility problems. It is a multi-profile surgical medical complex, which will be built and certified according to the international qualification standard JCI. The hospital will have the most necessary departments for wounded soldiers in the coming years: plastic surgery, urology, traumatology, etc. 

The hospital will be built within about 3 years on an area of 15,000 square meters. The project budget is estimated at $ 25 million. 

The veterans' hospital will have a capacity of 200 beds, and the basement will serve as a shelter in wartime. The hospital will be equipped with modern equipment. YSMU will assist in providing medical staff. A number of YSMU chairs will operate here. In parallel with the construction of the hospital, the medical and administrative staff will undergo professional training in different countries of the world. The hospital will be a complete complex, will include scientific laboratories, training centers. 

It is planned to create a centralized social service for veterans. The problems of social reintegration of the beneficiary group will also be solved in the hospital complex. The Veterans' Hospital will serve all the wounded and disabled soldiers. Moreover, every soldier and volunteer going to the border during a possible future war will be sure that if he is wounded, all his problems will be solved in one place, in dignified and convenient conditions. 

A pan-Armenian fundraiser will be organized around the world for the construction of a veterans' hospital. Fundraising will be based on the UNITY CARPET, consisting of 2.5 million knots. It will be possible to "knit" the carpet on the virtual platform /, donating money for each node to implement the project. The unity carpet will become a symbol of uniting Armenians around the world around one idea. A preliminary agreement has already been reached with a number of Diaspora organizations, which have expressed their readiness to participate in the construction of the Veterans Hospital.