#GIVING TUESDAY

Our mission is to amplify DIVAS’ voices by providing a community and network that identifies opportunities for inclusion in mass media, and by partnering with organizations who have demonstrated a commitment to the inclusion of Black and brown women and girls with visible disabilities.

This Year's #Giving Tuesday presents an opportunity to promote more opportunities for Black and Brown women with physical disabilities to be included In television, film and advertising. The Divas With Disabilities project (DWD) is leading and supporting DIVAS-Dynamic, Illuminating, Victorious, Achieving Sisters efforts to be included on and off stage and in front and behind the camera.

Your donations help us:

  • Fund opportunities for DIVAS to be included in mass media outlets ( i.e., television, film and advertising);
  • Fund Global Diva Ambassadors, allowing them to expand their outreach capacity.
  • Hire Sign Language interpreters for Monthly Diva Calls, which make our calls accessible beyond Closed Captioning.
  • Fund our Actors scholarship program.    
  • Fund disability awarness training and tool kits created with an equity lens.

*To learn more about our Global Diva Ambassador Program,