About GIFT of HOPE 2020

Thank you for providing hope and healing for

individuals and families who are struggling during this unprecedented time.

Any amount is appreciated.

Why your gift matters.

"My problems were so much larger than an eating disorder. The real problem was rooted so deeply in my soul,

food had simply been my solution, and that solution was no longer working. I learned so much about myself

during those 42 days, and I am forever grateful for the opportunity Hope of Shades gave me.

Over two and a half years later, I am still able to use what I learned at treatment. I am beyond grateful

for the scholarship they gave me that gave me the opportunity to begin healing myself.

I don’t think I would be where I am today without the foundation."

Lea Allen, HOSF Scholarship Recipient

a message from TENNIE ...

My birthday is December 11th, and the best birthday gift I could receive is providing treatment for individuals with this

deadly disease who cannot afford it! The Hope of Shades Foundation makes referrals to individuals for the most appropriate

facility to meet their individual needs. I am hopeful you will participate again this year! 

Love & Light ~ Tennie

Owner & Founder, Shades of Hope Treatment Center