About The 30 Plus 1 Fund

When celebrating a 31st anniversary, committed partners are encouraged to share a timepiece. After thirty years, a family can feel timeless - each year afterward is a gift and renewed commitment. 

For the 31st year of Curve's commitment to community, we invite you to celebrate us with your plus one! Donating to The Curve Foundation is a renewed commitment to lesbian visibility, queer journalism and the intergenerational truths that our community has held for 30+ years. 

We invite you to make a donation of at least $30 to support our programming for 2022: our 30+1. If you invite a friend to join you, we will mail you a timeless "timepiece" pin, commemorating the gift of your commitment to the Curve Foundation in its very first year.  

To receive your pin: If you've invited someone to match your donation, put their name in the optional "Who is your +1?" section at checkout. We will mail a pin to each of you this holiday season! 

Your donation supports programming for lesbian, trans, non-binary and queer journalists; listen to the excerpt below to meet the 2021 winners of the Curve Award.