About El-Koony Center

About Us

The El-Koony Center is dedicated to preserving the region’s ecosystem, cultural heritage and increase economic development opportunities for the host communities. To succeed in this goal, our organization is working tirelessly to develop an environmental research and community-development center.

Our projects will address the three key attributes of the Mount Elgon landscape: Conservation, Culture and Commerce. We have started accomplishing our goal to preserve the biodiversity of the region by conducting scientific research on climate-resilient agriculture (CRA). In addition, we recently replicated the CRA experimental model onto community farms to underscore the value of incorporating green manure to increase crop yields for maize farmers. The expected outcomes include biodiversity conservation, improved crop yields, increased income, social cohesion and overall livelihood enhancement of the local and indigenous populations.

Our Approach

The El-Koony Center is defining a new way to address conservation by shifting away from single-solution approaches towards integrated solutions that enhance the entire ecosystem. Our projects combine scientific research, developmental training and policy development. Our integrated approach expands further into the ecosystem through mitigating human-wildlife conflict, ethnobotany and agricultural science for the conservation of Mount Elgon forest ecosystem.

How You Can Contribute

We are excited to announce that the El-Koony Center can now accept individual and group donations! As we work towards preserving the ecosystem and livelihoods of those who live within Mount Elgon, we ask for your support. Your contribution will make a significant impact on the ecosystem as our organization begins to grow. Join us now in supporting a Kenyan nonprofit shifting the way we think about conservation. Please visit our website to learn more about us.