About Annual Giving Campaign

The last two years have taught us it is possible to rapidly institute policy that enhances assistance programs, significantly changing the economic reality for individuals and families with low income. Ensuring everyone’s ability to participate in the country’s economic recovery means converting these temporary responses into permanent safety net expansions.


EJAM will do its part to sustain the short-term wins of 2021 by partnering with alliance members to protect and defend fair wages and paid sick leave for frontline and low-wage workers. We will also continue to train organizers and other professionals to lead transformative efforts at the community level.


Economic justice is achieved when the economy is fair, allowing everyone to pursue prosperity equally. We invite you to join us in making this a reality and creating a more just Michigan.


How you can give: 

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We are raising $15,000 for our statewide leadership development and civic engagement programs. Your contribution enables us to broaden our reach to include even more Michigan communities.    

Join us in the fight for wage equity!

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