About BUDDY and his Buddies (BETTY and DORIS)

Buddy and his Buddies (Betty and Doris)

Buddy was brought to us after he was found in a cardboard box with a female at Lake Elizabeth.  Unfortunately, the rescuer didn’t know that ducks needed companionship, and he gave the female duck to someone else.  Buddy was traumatized when he arrived and jumped into my arms the minute we let him out of the car.  Within weeks, we got a call from Silicon Valley Animal Control about two ducklings that were found hiding in the bushes at an apartment building.  We named them Betty and Dorris and were excited because we knew they would be fast friends with our lonely boy.  Sure enough when the ducklings arrived the three of them quacked up a storm as though they were long lost friends.  The three of them love to spend time together napping, eating, or swimming in one of their pools.