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Please join us to raise funds to help support the needs of students and families served by Optimal ACCESS!
(Optimal ACCESS is the new DBA of Optimal Rhythms, Inc.)

Tammy’s Story: An ACCESS Parent's Passionate Testimony

When we came across Optimal Rhythms, I was skeptical of how a virtual school would meet my son's needs to access academics.  However, in the very first intake conversation with Casey and her team, I knew this was going to change his life.  They understood everything.  Since they have so much experience in successfully supporting our kids, they knew the types of struggles he has faced over the years and of my son's potential.  
Fast-forward to now, my son has been attending Optimal Rhythms' ACCESS Academy for just under a year, and our world has changed.  There is joy and purpose in our home.  There is a clear path to a high school diploma.  With Optimal Rhythms, there is a whole team of people who are as eager as I am, and work as hard as I do, to see my son succeed.

Parent Quotes:
"The summer camps were amazing. The energy that everyone brought to the sessions was super-human. I love that everything in camp was so inclusive and at a pace where everyone, regardless of their level of spelling ability, can participate."

"We LOVE A2A and are very grateful to have found you!!! Thanks Darlene Hanson for pointing us in this direction, it has been a complete game changer! For kids who are non speaking or have limited communication, this is a life altering program."

 A2A Student Quotes:
"I liked how the curriculum challenges me and is perfect for my grade."

"I enjoyed taking classes at the high school level with peers my age."

"My improvements come from within. The groups help my spirit." 

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What Your Tax-Deductible Gift Will Accomplish

    Optimal Rhythms is committed to supporting autistic students and others with complex communication and sensory-motor challenges to demonstrate their full potential through opportunities, innovative supports and accommodations, and meaningful relationships.

    We have 4 main programs that help us accomplish our mission:
    • ACCESS Academy, powered by Keystone, a virtual therapeutic day school
    • ACCESS2Academics (A2A), powered by Keystone, a virtual therapeutic homeschool program
    • CAN-DO Camp, a therapeutic summer camp for families of nonspeaking students
    • Rethinking Autism Trainings, in-person and virtual training modules for parents and professionals

    With your support, more young people will have the opportunity to thrive and gain an education. As the saying goes: many hands make the work light. Together we can buoy the next group of nonspeaking students and build a better tomorrow for them and their families. 

    There are multiple ways to HELP:

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