About No Place Like Home

“Autumn whispered to the wind,

I fall; but always rise again”

-  Angie Weiland-Crosby


Hiya Mitakuye Oyasin!

Home means many things to many people and over the last few seasons that has deepened for us. Kunsi Keya is based on matriarchal teachings and traditions. Our goal is to provide a permanent home for native people, BIPOC, two-spirit and future generations, to be able to practice ceremonies and culture in perpetuity.  For over 20 years, the vision of Unci Beverly has made a home in all of our hearts.


In 2020, we were unable to come together in-person to hold ceremony due to the pandemic.  We held a virtual Sundance, something we had never done before and had reservations about doing.  What we learned from that experience is that we have a connection that goes beyond the tangible, but we felt the absence of each other and the land.


In 2021 a bold plan was co-created with spirit and a small, dedicated group came together to hold ceremony. This Sundance will forever be known as the monsoon of 2021 and with grace and grit, 11 supporters held space for ceremony to happen. However, some of the infrastructures on the land was compromised.  Several of our travel trailers have been lost.


After Sundance, Unci was contacted by a nonprofit, Just Construction, who trains their volunteers to build sustainable structures for BIPOC organizations.  We were honored to have them choose us as an organization to build a cabin on the land.


Although we have not yet raised the funds for the completion of the cabin, Just Construction graciously decided to move forward with the project, trusting that we would be able to raise the funds for this incredible gift.


In addition to the blessing of a new cabin on the land, through a generous donor, we have a 1 to 1 match to raise funds to cover the costs of the cabin. If we raise $5,000 through your donations, we actually gain $10,000! Your support is needed and crucial to reaching our goal! Please give generously towards sustaining KKT for future generations!



With much great gratitude

The Board