About Giving Tuesday

Janice Faye's Ranch is a community-based equine-assisted psychotherapy organization established to ensure children ages 8+ and their mental health needs are addressed.  In the rural area where the farm is located, children and their families learn principles taught through the Natural Lifemanship module.

JFR provides equine-assisted therapy and educational assistance in a safe environment for individuals recovering from trauma and abuse.  These services are provided free of charge to participants and their families and the program's operation is strictly volunteer-based.

Trauma affects all aspects of one's life.  Concentration becomes nearly impossible because you are either terrified of the future--that it will happen again--or stuck in the past, dwelling on all the details of what happened.  If you cannot concentrate, schoolwork suffers, and kids fall farther and farther behind.

This is the essence of what we do at Janice Faye's Ranch.  The equine work helps our clients to work through relational issues, learn new patterns of thinking, find one's self-worth and confidence, and practice clear and better ways to communicate.  Our tutors help clients one on one with any educational difficulties they may have.  By creating new patterns in relationships, it is our hope to help children make better choices as they face the pressures of today's society and break any patterns of abuse.

The ranch teaches principles/lessons learned through Natural Lifemanship training where it utilizes Relationship Logic.  RL offers the neuroscience that allows us to identify relationship patterns while maintaining the belief that our brains can change through new and healthy experiences.  This is an essential step toward healing, growth, and transformation at any age.

Sessions with participants and the horse take place in a round pen.  Standing in a round pen asking a horse to connect leaves you vulnerable.  Each person deals with that vulnerability differently.  Each human/horse relationship will develop in its own unique way.  In that process is where healing and self-discovery happen.  The best way to understand it is to experience it.  This is, by far, the best way to understand the value of what we do.

Natural Lifemanship has a saying that you cannot help clients walk down a road you are not willing to walk yourself.  At Janice Faye's Ranch, our goal is to provide clients with a skill set to fall back on and help them regulate through the experience.

The goal is that each participant leaves as a conscientious, responsible, sympathetic, and independent person who is capable of setting and achieving goals, maintaining healthy relationships, and taking care of themselves and those around them.

Assistance is needed to update and maintain the farm where our horses live and where we do equine sessions.  Our three therapy horses are our program.  Without them, there is no equine-assisted therapy program.  There is a need for updating the land to ensure we can be self-sufficient in feeding the program's horses.  There is also a need for a hay shelter for storing the hay produced and harvested for the horses for winter, a second-round pen for providing more sessions, a covered arena to ensure sessions continue no matter what the weather as well as a mounting platform for assisting students in mounting work with the horses.

Monetary gifts may be mailed to:
Janice Faye's Ranch
P.O. Box 1051
Clinton, NC  28329