About Royal School Mikandani- Student Innovation Fund

Location: Mombasa, Kenya Africa

US Staff Contact: Adili Kea (US/Atlanta, GA)

Mikindani Royal Kids School started in January 2001. It started as a ministry for children to

combine literacy and discipleship.

The school’s original mission was to provide young children, especially girls, a chance to

attend school. The girls come from families that lived below the poverty level and were not

able to afford school fees to send their kids to school. These children ended up getting

manual/domestic jobs in the community as house helps at an early age of 8 years where they were

responsible to work for the families that hired them.

Royal Kids gives kids a free or subsidized education to make it possible for them to attend


With Kenya adopting new laws to help ALL kids access education, MRCS has focused on

how to make sure it’s graduates are provided with the best skills to be successful.

In the last 20 years, Royal Kids has successfully seen its students graduate college and

currently has 15 students in the medical field, 7 sociology, 5 accounting, and 30 teachers

where 4 of them are giving back to the community by being part of the MRCS staff and

teaching other kids in the same classrooms they once received education.

MRCS has two main campuses with 69 teachers and staff members. The school currently

has 305 girls and 195 boys enrolled in both elementary and high school.

MRCS is a vision started by Grace and Ngao Mazira out of their living room with a vision to

impact thousands of kids.

The greatest needs are construction of classrooms to help sustain the growing number of

kids served. Other needs include computers, books, and high school scholarships.