About Wrightwood's Got Talent 2023 (WGT) Entree

Beginning February 20th and continuing until March 20th aspiring k-12 students in Wrightwood & surrounding areas can submit a video performance at This year, just as in 2022, all WGT finalists selected from the video submissions will receive a paid performance Saturday, April 1st, at the "Wrightwood Place" Performance Center. The producers and WBS Board Members will select from the video entrants to facilitate the best possible six-act show on April 1st. Limited tickets for the live April 1st performance are now available at $10 for WBS Members and $20 for non-Members.

The April 1st audience will submit a review of each act. Reviews will be shared with the individual artist and can become part of their promotional materials. While all performances will be considered, emphasis will be given to blues-related performances. The top blues-related performance will be considered as an opening act at the WBS Blues Concert on June 10th.