About Costa Verde community garden project

There is a vacant lot by the river at the end of the road by the school. It had become a dumping ground for trash. Working with the Delegada and the Mercado del Pueblo we organized a community clean-up day for the lot. With the help of students, teachers, parents, neighbors, even the Delegada herself, we filled up an entire GIRRSA garbage truck with trash! Now we have permission from the Delegada and the neighbors to build a community greenspace. 

The money donated will be used for materials and building costs. The space needs seating, storage, grow beds, and a small shade structure. We need money for paint, labor and construction materials (although we are hoping to use volunteer labor and as much reclaimed materials as possible,) weed barrier fabric, garden tools, good compost and dirt, seeds and plants, etc...

This space will be an outdoor classroom, a community and school garden, and a beautiful community greenspace for relaxing and enjoying nature. Children of Sayulita will be able to learn the science and techniques of growing food in this area and climate, and will reap the health and wellness benefits of harvesting and eating their fresh vegetable crop. The space will also be an example of something Sayulita could use more of - a shared open community greenspace where children, families, locals and tourists can relax in the shade and enjoy nature apart from the bustle and noise of town.