About Ethiopia Higher Education Reconstruction Project

Dear friends

War is ugly. It becomes uglier when it is between two inveterate neighbors. Tragically, loss and suffering are the only consequences in war. What has been happening in Ethiopia in the last two years should never have happened considering that people lived together, got intermarried, worshiped together and fought external aggressors together over the centuries.

The war has left so much destruction. Thousands of schools, health clinics and hospitals are either fully destroyed or irreparably damaged and all equipment, school facilities, laboratories, computers, medical equipment are destroyed beyond repair.

We as members of the Ethiopian diaspora have been impacted emotionally and it was hard to watch from a distance. While praying and actively working for peace and reconciliation, we also wanted to help in the reconstruction and resupplying of schools.

Our resources are limited, and we cannot solve the whole problem right away, but as an initial project we plan to help in the rebuilding of the Gashena High school and the Physics laboratory in Wollo University.  We plan to continue to look for innovative ideas and resources to also reach other adversely affected areas in the country irrespective of the region as peace and security conditions allow. This short clip from one of our colleagues, who traveled to the region and documented the destruction,  samples the level of destruction which is common everywhere.

We are asking for your help in several ways:

  1. Contribute and donate money through the Nonprofit organization Ethiopian Physics Society in North America on this Campaign site. (Indicate that this is for Ethiopian Higher Education Reconstruction Project)
  2. Help us by reaching out to your organizations to donate surplus used computers and lab equipment, and we will arrange for the shipment.
  3. Share this information to potential donors.