Dear ministry partners,

I’m sure you all are aware about what’s happening in our country. We’re at war. First of all, I would like to thank each and everyone one of you for your prayers and kind words that you’re sending us every day. 

Today, we are writing to you looking for financial support for the people who are a part of Our Legacy ministry throughout Ukraine. These are the people who work directly in the DMM movement, develop sports ministries, and serve the Lord in their hometowns. Due to the current situation, many of these people had to escape their towns. Therefore, they lost their jobs. They can’t provide for their families anymore. Also, they’re not able to tithe at their church anymore, which is really important since the churches today spend most of their money hosting the internally displaced people and support the Ukrainian Armed Forces. We are all interconnected in these troubling times. 

We ask you to support these people financially. It can be a one time donation, once a month donation, or you can donate for a few months ahead. The total amount we’re looking to raise is $25,000 for 50 people. 500$ a person.

We’re praying that God shows us people to support the families who are in need!